Good Quality Solder Characteristics

Not all solders are of good quality and durable, and we will describe the characteristics of good solder quality in this article. Is your solder often damaged, often dull, dirty, looks burnt black? Yes, it is because you are buying a low-quality solder, or indeed the age of the solder is too old. Therefore you must have the best soldering iron.

Solder is the main support tool by electronics technicians which functions as a heat conductor to melt lead so that it can connect electronic components. Choosing a good and quality solder is the most important characteristic because it can speed up your work. And in the following, I will describe how to choose a solder with a good solder image.

A good soldering brand is priced more expensive but of course with good quality, there is even an automatic temperature control feature that is useful to stabilize the temperature while still hot when soldering.

If you are already caliber in terms of technicians, of course, you already understand which solder is good and solder is not good, but for beginners, you need tips on how to buy a quality solder with good soldering characteristics. Because choosing a good soldering iron can have a positive impact on speeding up your work.

Choose a soldering iron that is cheap but has a good quality so that you can use a service, jumper, either smartphone service, LED TV, or others. Alright, this time I will give a tutorial on how to choose a good and quality soldering iron.

How to Choose Good Quality Solder Durable

1. Choose a soldering iron as needed Of course, choosing a solder according to your needs to save money, for electronic service needs such as TV, radio, amps and so on, you can simply use a soldering iron with 40 watts of power, with 40 watts of power better than 25 watts of soldering, because solder is 40 watts more. can stabilize heat compared to 25 watts.

2. Choosing a soldering iron with a shiny tip when heated Why choose a solder with a shiny tip? Because there are big benefits in it, the benefit is that it keeps the solder protected and remains durable. In contrast to the soldering eye, which is black like burnt, later you will be bothered to clean it after using it.

3.Buy Solder Based on Tips Why it should be based on TIP because solder tips are easy to remove, so expect a tip that will protect the solder tip so that it can generate stable heat later. If the tips are damaged, you can buy new ones and then reattach them to the solder. So you don’t have to buy a soldering iron anymore,

4. Choose a soldering gun to make it easier Choosing a soldering gun is a recommendation, as it is a high-quality one-button soldering iron that heats the heater faster than regular solders. And this soldering gun can issue a distance of between 40 watts to 130 watts.

5. Choose a soldering iron that has spare parts The next characteristic of a good soldering iron is a solder that has spare parts, why is that? Because when there is damage, we can just buy the spare parts without having to buy solder again. Among the soldering brands that sell spare parts separately are Goot and Dekko.