Choosing the Right Broker

Many have asked us, how do you choose a brokerage company that is correct and safe? There are actually many good forex brokerage companies, gold brokers, CFDs, and stockbrokers, and we will provide tips on how to choose them, because if you don’t understand then you can also be consumed by incorrect web reviews, as is often the case. to ordinary people in the Forex world who ended up hurting him. Learn about the Volatility 75 Index with our broker on

We will review here the tips on how to choose it. But before continuing, you must first know what the definition of BROKER is? Broker in its true meaning is just a bridge or liaison that earns income from commissions or increases the selling price.

Then how do you choose the correct and safe Forex Broker?

Use a brokerage company that provides fluctuating price spreads following the actual movement in the money market (Not Fix Spread), considering that the difference between buying and selling prices in the market is also FLUKTUATIVE (sometimes 2, sometimes 10, sometimes 3, etc …) and impossible. Keep on Fixing that much, so that if there is a brokerage company that displays the Fix Spread price, then you can be sure that it is not the price in the real market and this broker is definitely playing behind it to regulate your trading results.

Use a brokerage company that uses a 5 digit price behind a comma (with 6 whole digits) IN THE MAJOR CURRENCY (such as in the EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, USD / CHF pair) given the higher forex market capitalization value. currently using 6 digits to follow the capitalization. If the broker still uses 4 digits behind the comma (or 5 whole digits) then it is certain that it is the price they set themselves.

Do not use brokerage companies that provide a too high leverage, such as 1: 1000 and above, 1: 2000, and some even up to 1: 3000 and above, that is not the right broker, and they deliberately give this unreasonable leverage in order to make your funds fast. run out without remainder and finally into the pocket of the dealer.