How To Clean Your Watch To Be Free From Corona

Prevention efforts against the Coronavirus need to be done, including washing hands frequently with soap and running water, using hand sanitizers that contain alcohol and keeping the items we use sterile. We may notice a watch that never leaves the wrist. Mens watch is in direct contact with the skin (where we use lotions, perfumes, and other products) and arguably the most exposure to the environment. When in a public place, the saliva from sneezing and coughing from a sufferer of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can stick to our bodies, including on the wrist where the watch is located. That’s when mens watch can be a medium of transmission that we are not aware of August Berg.

Cleaning the watch does not require a long process and time. We can even clean our watches during lunch or spare time. Do you have a watch with what material? Regardless of the material, from leather to stainless steel, here are guidelines for proper watch cleaning. Remember, always keep your belongings clean and hygienic, yes! If there are stains on the strap, soak the strap in warm water mixed with antibacterial soap (or any mild soap) for 15 minutes. After that, wipe the stained area with a sponge. Do it repeatedly until the stain is gone. Rinse until the soap is gone, then soak in cold water again for 15 minutes.

If there is dirt on the chain strap bulkhead, you need to first remove the bracelet. Unless your watch is water-resistant, you don’t need to remove the bracelet. Clean and hygienic watches, even looking stylish will be more harmonious with physical health. Apart from cleaning our watches regularly, we also need to be diligent in exercising to stay healthy and fit. As a precaution and as a form of prevention so that you don’t get infected, it’s better to regularly clean your watch with anti-bacterial liquid to kill the virus.