Water is one of the essential commodities in life. Every living organism needs water to survive. The increasing population and change in climatic patterns have have led to increased pressure on the available water resources. It is therefore necessary conserve the available water. Any leaky faucets in the house should be repaired to minimize loss of water. Water can also be conserved by replacing old equipment such as toilets, laundry machines, and dishwashers.

In the kitchen

This is the place where most of the water is used. When cooking, cleaning and peeling vegetables you should use a large bowl or basin of water instead of using the running water from the tap directly. The basin or sink should also be filled with water when you are washing and rinsing your dishes. The dishwasher should be run only when it is full. Water can also be conserved by installing faucet aerators.


The laundry should be run when it is full again you should ensure that the laundry purchased can be adjusted. This will allow it to accommodate any load size.

In the bathroom

You are advised to take short showers and avoid baths. Again you should always make sure that water is turned off when you are shaving, soaping up r brushing your teeth in the shower. Leaky toilets should be repaired. It is also advisable to install faucet aerators, a toilet dam, and a low-flow showerhead.


Watering of the lawn

The lawn should be watered only when necessary. Watering of the lawn and garden should be done on a weekly basis when rainfall is insufficient. You are discouraged from watering on hot and windy days. Watering of the lawn should be done late in the evening or early in the morning.

Establish smaller lawns

One can conserve water by establishing smaller lawns of natural vegetation. Asking for tips from the local nursery about grasses and plants which have a low water demand is also helpful in economizing water. Again you can plant more shrubs, ground covers, trees and less grass. Ground covers and shrubs are meant to provide greenery throughout the year, and they do not require a lot of water. Native plants are used in the flower beds. Plants which require extra care should be clustered to save water.

Mowing of the lawn

Longer grass is used in shading the soil to improve moisture retention. This type of grass can survive drought and tolerate insect damage.