Reasons to install the Cute Look TM HD dash camera

Dashboard cameras are taking the motoring world by storm. One of the cameras that is now being appreciated is the Cute Look TM HD. The basic role of a dash camera is to help you reverse by seeing the rear view of the car. However, it is interesting to note that this dash camera has some unique features that you cannot find in any other cameras. Here are some of the reasons to consider installing the Cute Look TM HD over any other camera.

Advantages of the Cute Look TM HD camera

Automation features

One thing that you must appreciate about this camera is the automation features. With the Cute Look TM HD camera. The camera goes automatically on once you start the ignition and goes automatically off once you switch off the ignition. This is a good feature because it saves you a lot of trouble of switching the camera on and off every time you want to use it. Automation is the way to go in the modern day, and this camera doesn’t disappoint us in that aspect.


Wide view

The wide view of this camera makes it stand out from the other cameras in its class. For instance, you will love the 270 degrees view offered by this camera. With such a view, you can see more than just the rear of the car. You can see the surrounding, and this is a huge advantage when you want to record something. The wide view is a great advantage to improve your user experience.

Night record

You will notice the challenges with most of the car cameras is the night mode recording. However, with this camera, you are assured of proper and quality of the images even when recording at night. The reason for quality night recording might be due to the high resolution of the camera. When you record with this camera, you are assured of quality videos and images that can even be used for professional use.


Non-stop recording

With the Cute Look TM HD camera, you enjoy the non-stop recording that might not be available with the other cameras. The non-stop recording is because of the ability of the camera to cycle the recordings once it gets full. The camera also comes with a huge storage, and this means that the recordings can be stored for a long time before it gets full.…


Guide to buying cordless drills

A cordless drill is a power tool that is popular and an important one to have in one’s tool box. It is used to drive screws at great speed to secure the joints and timber firmly. It is also a tool that can be used for a variety of projects whether one is remodeling their kitchen, the back yard deck, or assembling furniture or installing fixtures the cordless drill comes in handy. If you are planning on buying a cordless power drill what features do you look out for?  Likewise, below is a guide to buying cordless drills.

Buying cordless drills


Check on the power

Power for cordless power drills is measured in battery voltage. With a high voltage, it means that the torque -spinning strength is more, with this the power drill is able to overcome resistance. The battery voltage can range from 6V to 18V. Thus there is a wide range of power voltage for one to select from depending on what they need and are looking for.


Another feature that one needs to consider when planning to purchase a cordless drill is the weight. This will affect how one works and handles the drill. The weight of the drill typically goes in parallel with the voltage of the tool. This means the more the voltage, the more weight it will have. For instance, a 9.6V drill will weigh around 3 and 1/2 Ibs while a drill that is 18V will weigh up to 10Ibs. This means that for one to get more power the weight of the cordless drill will be affected. Thus one needs to know what will work best for them with the type of project they intend to do.

Handle of the drill

One also needs to check on the handle. Most cordless drills are now made with a T-handle. Though there are some that have a pistol grip which is the models that have been available on the market. The T-handles are the best because one is able to grip the tool well and they prevent hand slippage while one is working with the drill. It is recommended for heavy duty drills one to get a drill that has a piston handle.


One needs to check the speed of the cordless drill. Most will have two fixed speeds these are 300rpm and 800rpm. Though the least expensive cordless drills will run at a single speed. The speeds will be used for various jobs, low speed will be used to drive screws while high speed will be for drilling holes.


sbndhjdhjdjdjdjThe nickel-cadmium battery is what has been used in most drills, however, lithium-ion batteries are rapidly replacing this. This is because the latter is smaller and can run longer when in use. They also deliver high- range power. It is advisable for one to buy a kit that has two batteries which one can replace while they work…